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 Cross one Co., Ltd.
・Web contents manufacture, management,
 mail magazine distribution and a mobile mail order
Our company is Japan's largest online photo service.
Japan boasts a membership of 30,000 delivered more than 600,000 per month.
Our company offers cheap and high quality photos in Japan.
ABC online digital photo printing service http://abc.photo-cross.jp/
Maximum number of group sites, 20 sites in Japan

We offer the world a special photograph.
Nail Photo http://nail-photo.9981.ne.jp/
Cover photo http://photo-cover.9981.ne.jp/
Photo Book http://www.syshard.com/
Chibi para http://chibi.9981.ne.jp/

We are selling the camera in the world.
Photo Toys http://photo.feeling.jp/
We also plan to sell the camera for children in Japan.
Kids Camera http://www.kids-camera.jp/

* We are also importing and
selling related products in Japan drive cam camera picture of the world.
Come, let's sell the camera in Japan in partnership with us!
Waiting for the call. shop@photo-cross.jp

 2-47-5, Takamastu, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
 TEL:03-5986-1118 FAX:03-5986-1130